Central heating systems can come in many forms such as the old gravity type feed from a header tank to the more modern type with the system being pressurised. Whether you’re after an upgrade or if you’re after a complete new installation. We can guide you through all the necessary information so you can get the best system and most efficient regarding your costs. There are many different types of system on the market these days regarding different types of boilers such as combination boilers, system boilers and heating only, it is very easy not to know which one suits you and your property best. After a few simple questions to gain what requirements the system needs to meet I will be able to advise you on what system meets your demands.

Most people today are very aware of the carbon footprint campaign to reduce the co2 emittions but with the constant increase of fuel bills it’s very wise to look at other sources to gain heat. Solar and ground and air source are a few that are very common. Although you should not forget that wood burners have come along away too.

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